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Wind Power Solutions

As an independent wind developer, Hydro-Star Energy, LLC, works to develop single and/or multiple wind turbine installations ideal for small to large size wind projects across North America and beyond. Our goal is to provide power cost savings to commercial end users through on-site wind turbine installations.


The advantages of generating power on-site for commercial users are many, including a hedge against future power cost increases. By producing power on-site, the end user displaces a large portion of the electricity taken from the traditional power grid and replaces the power with power producted on-site at lower costs resulting in significant savings. Likewise in closed power systems the wind turbine systems generate supplemental power providing for substantial power cost savings to the closed system and a greater return on investment.


Having successfully completed numerous wind turbine installations and with our team's extensive project development experience and key industry relationships, we can successfully design and develop your wind power project from the ground up from start to finish on a turnkey basis.

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